Fibromyalgia Fatigue - Exhaustion Multiplied

Fibromyalgia fatigue can often be misunderstood. Until a correct diagnosis, the pain and exhaustion experienced may easily be put down to hypochondria or laziness produced symptoms. For the past thirty years, fibromyalgia along with fibromyalgia fatigue has been a recognized disorder, but there is still much research required prior to finding either its cause or cure. Currently, it is estimated that around four or five million people worldwide suffer from fibromyalgia; the figures for the American population standing at around two per cent. Not every sufferer will experience all symptoms however, so it has historically been difficult to diagnose and these figures may still not be truthful to the actual numbers.

By Sara Jowers

Along with the pain, weakness and stiffness of joints and muscles that all fibromyalgia victims suffer, various additional problems arise to create fibromyalgia fatigue. One of the most common of these is the feeling of malaise, exhaustion, or lack of energy known as fibromyalgia fatigue. The depletion of energy can be either physical or mental, many victims experiencing problems with memory and concentration as well as flu-like symptoms just as if suffering from an all over illness with the lack of body energy. The fatigue is often the reason that many sufferers first consult a doctor, after having overridden the pain with common over the counter analgesics such as aspirin and putting it down to ill health rather than a disorder.

The various methods of controlling or eradicating fibromyalgia fatigue depend on each specific case. In some patients, balancing the exercise partaken of can remove the symptom altogether, whereas for others meditation and diet alterations may make significant difference. When diagnosed with fibromyalgia it is therefore essential to reconsider your entire lifestyle, not only to ascertain the best methods for coping with health maintenance whilst suffering a chronic disorder, but also for personal well being and general health purposes. Some of the areas needing consideration include diet, exercise, work life, medication, meditation and therapy.

If fibromyalgia fatigue is a predominant symptom, you may be better off to seek an alternative position or shorten the length of time you spend at work if this is preferable and possible. If you have any inclination to a more suitable career, it is best to get serious with your consideration, as this may help greatly in the long run. Dietary alteration can often accomplish much in the reduction of fibromyalgia fatigue, in the area of maintaining an overall health and well being, reducing problems from sleep deprivation, and improving energy levels by inclusion of adequate vitamin and mineral intake or supplement.

Sometimes, the presence of fibromyalgia fatigue can be controlled by gentle exercise. Calming both the mental and physical strains of fatigue, taking a daily walk or practicing Yoga and meditation for an hour a day can both address the two sides of the problem at once. These are often also popular methods for reducing other symptoms within fibromyalgia, as they are low cost choices available to nearly everyone and cover many of the possible problems of the disorder. To take up walking, you basically only require a suitable pair of shoes and a gradually inclining effort, whereas to participate in Yoga you will initially need to attend classes unless already experienced but can then practice at home long term without further financial burden.

Additional ways to treat fibromyalgia fatigue include meditation, medication, and therapy. Whilst meditation is freely available and assists with many aspects of the syndrome, the latter two solutions cost higher financially and may be difficult to sustain suitably for some sufferers. Doctors will often prescribe medication firstly, and then gradually help you to introduce lifestyle changes to lessen your dependency upon medication. In any case, it is advisable to seek their advice on all possible aspects of fibromyalgia maintenance inclusive of fibromyalgia fatigue.

Sara Jowers is a research writer specializing in illnesses that predominantly affect women. For more great tips and advice on coping with fibromyalgia fatigue

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