Treatment For Chronic Fatigue Symptoms - Sunshine

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a complex illness, therefore the treatment options can also be complex. However, one treatment benefits us all - sunshine. When my wife recently visited her wellness/nutrition doctor, he told her to make sure she got at least 5-20 minutes of early morning sunlight. It could be as simple as standing outside the front door as the kids go off to school or watching the birds in the feeders in the backyard. Whatever the method, try to do this on a daily basis.

By Sam Fowler

Health benefits from the sun include:

* Sunshine enhances production of vitamin D in our skin
* Sunshine enhances emotional well being by producing neurotransmitters in the brain
* Sunshine helps balance the wake-sleep cycle

Of course you want to avoid over-exposure to the sun but lengths of 5-15 minutes early in the morning should be fine in most cases. Also, be wise based on the weather conditions such as outside temperature. Living in Texas, we are currently experiencing morning temperatures of 40-50 degrees. That can be a rather nice way to start the day when the sun is shining brightly. For those living in colder areas, you can get exposure to sunshine through your windows until the temperatures become milder.

Another option to consider, weather permitting, is to take a 5-20 minute walk first thing in the morning. This will incorporate low level cardio exercise along with your daily dosage of vitamin D. Whatever method you choose, make it a habit of getting more sunshine in your life. It can improve your health and emotional well-being.

Sam Fowler

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