How to Reduce Fatigue and Help Stop Feeling Tired All the Time

Susanne asked me, "How can I reduce fatigue and stop feeling tired all the time?" I quickly shared several tips that Susanne implemented. Later she returned and said, she had much more energy.

What are a few ideas I shared with her on how to reduce tiredness and exhaustion?

By Brian Falls

First, Susanne needed to declutter her physical life.

My office tends to get messy. However, I have learned that if I keep it cleaned up and work with a clean desk I am much more efficient. A messy desk, house, office, or car can subconsciously drain energy.

Susan went through and got rid of some junk around her house and office. Now she works with a clean desk. She was amazed by how much energy she now retained. No longer did she spend so much time looking things and she found she no longer procrastinated.

Second, Susanne needed to declutter her mental life.

Each of us have projects, people, and baggage in our life that is wearing us down. It may be something from the past or even a family member. Seek to declutter these. Do some research on how to get over past emotional baggage. Reconcile with family or learn to cope.

Cut some tasks out of your life that are sucking your mental energy. Reduce fatigue by just taking 5 minutes several times a day to do some deep breathing exercises and mental reflection. All these will help reduce clutter in the mental life.

Third, Susanne started exercising for 20 minutes day.

Immediately, Susanne notice she was not as tired any more. This daily exercise gave her a boost of energy and she felt much better about herself. From my experience every minute spent exercising is an investment that will pay back in more energy and better productivity.

Any exercise will do whether is it is fast walking, jogging, push ups, etc. Just do it.

As you apply these three ideas you may find that you will know how to reduce fatigue and Stop Feeling tired all the time.

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