Do I Have Chronic Fatigue?

Today, more and more medical scientists and doctors are talking about one thing, 'chronic fatigue' or 'chronic fatigue syndrome(cfs)'. Maybe you listen to it first time, or maybe you have heard it before,but it is very important is that 'chronic fatigue ' is not a real disease, sometimes it worse than any disease! Don't believe it?

By Yu Chyi

Searching for this word on internet,you will find many information about it.For example, you could see it on the 'Wikipedia ', says like it: 'cfs is the most common name given to a poorly understood, variably debilitating disorder or disorders of uncertain causation.' So cfs is complicated and characterized by each person who is 'living with it'.

Someone will think 'chronic fatigue syndrome' just a symptoms of 'fatigue'. Yes, it also fatigue, but it is not a common fatigue.You will feel debilitated, have no energy to do something you want to do when you get sick, that is a common fatigue. But, if you always get this feeling like having some illnesses while actually you think you are healthy. You should pay attention about 'cfs'.

Come back to the explanation from the 'Wikipedia': 'widespread muscle and joint pain, cognitive difficulties, chronic, often severe mental and physical exhaustion and other characteristic symptoms in a previously healthy and active person.'Sounds terriblely, but it just a medicine conception, not everyone who is thinking he or she is suffering with cfs really have so many symptoms! So, be relaxed and don't worry about it!

In a person's lifetime, cfs is a may occur after an infection, such as a cold or a viral illness, just you will feel extreme fatigue when you are sick. But it may improve quickly with a bed-rest .The second condition is that you will refresh your body after a long time, and you may attracked by some other illnesses during this period. At last, also the worst condition is that you always being not feeling well. For example, you have a headache for a long time, you feeling your muscle as chronic pain, you are losing your activity gradually, you will get upset frequently when your friends don't agree with your points, also you have sleeplessness, and so on.

If you really have same symptoms in the last condition or the second one, whatever you think how healthy you are, you are being with 'chronic fatigue syndrome.' Take care about this , get help from your doctor and your friends, be active and optimistic, it is not horrible, and there are many good guidelines for recovering your healthy, it is true, believe it!!

The next article, I will give some experiences be living with the 'cfs' also with some guidelines for fighting it.

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